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Upcoming Holidays and
Important Dates:

There are thousands of Holidays, Holy-Days, and other special occasions observed around the world.


While many days, such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, are observed by millions of Americans, many of these do not represent the values of patriotism and Christianity. Therefore, if any holiday violates the moral standards set forth in God’s Word, this holiday will not be observed. First, all days were narrowed own to major, nationally observed holidays. Additionally, the days listed on this page at any point in time have been judged against the moral standards they represent, such as patriotism, thankfulness, and love. FInally, those that passed the test were held up against the biblical standards set forth by God and Jesus Christ. Couv’s Corner recognizes these, based on this test which states that they must:

  • Be observed in the United States by at least 75% of the population
  • Not represent themes implying harm of any kind to other people, or threatening the rights of life, liberty or property.
  • Not incite any illegal or questionable action or belief, such as violence or rebellion
  • Represent values such as love, gratefulness and patriotism
    • Scripture must represent these values
  • Not violate any standard of celebration mentioned in Scripture

Finally, people observe holidays such as MLK Day, Washington’s Birthday and Columbus Day, therefore, although they may be addressed, they will not be consistently represented. At any time, a new holiday may be inserted depending upon its relation to current events.

Each year, Couv’s Corner recognizes these 12 Days:

New Year’s Day

Easter Sunday

Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Flag Day

Father’s Day

Independence Day


Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Pearl Harbor

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve