The Euranian Knights

The Euranian Knights C1: Shifting Ground

Chapter 1:
Shifting Ground

July 7, Present Day
Chicago, Illinois

Gabe Ledarskap dropped his tall, fifteen-year-old frame into the blue cushion of a Delta Airlines window seat. Normally he wouldn’t have chosen the window seat, but flights out of Chicago were always fuller than those anywhere in his home state. Nobody came to North Carolina’s beaches, and there wasn’t much else that tourists did there in those days. In fact, there were very few things at all going on in July of that year, and we shall see why this is later on.

Gabe did like it, though it wasn’t the sea, because he had never been to the sea. His parents shared a very dull view of the ocean in that state. His father said that getting up early enough to see a sunrise was a waste of energy, and his mom held the practical opinion that it was just water and anyway she much preferred the still water of the pond in their own backyard.

But while Gabe attended one of the few camps available through his church, he received a package from Western Union with the money for a first-class ticket and a letter explaining that when Camp High Rise was over, Gabe would take the 3-hour flight to Salt Lake City and have a car waiting to take him to their own home.

Over the next few weeks, Gabe’s parents were busy getting him ready for virtual schooling. He had not much time for anything entertaining.

July 13
Salt Lake City, Utah

The dreams had started in March, right after they let school out because of the pandemic. Most everybody called it Synezma, and some called it the Heart Virus. Gabe decided that it was all nonsense. It took up the news, his parents’ conversation, and his own education. Everything closed, and by April, when tentative business owners were allowed to open, they only could hold 40-50% of their own capacity, as defined by the fire marshal.

The riots began around the holidays, especially Christmas. By mid-July people began to be tired of everything.

The last of these particular dreams came in early July. At this point Gabe began to write them down, making observations about how the dreams related to each other. Gabe somehow felt that the story they took him through had been told him before. He took the time one day to realize that the dreams had a meaning. It only be God-given, and it held a direct pertinence to his own life.

After school started in August, Gabe began to have the dreams again, but this time they were easier to remember. They took up almost entire days. However, when he woke up the clock only read a minute later than it had when he went to sleep.

Finally, his dreams began to be a second life. They were a place where he had just as much responsibility there as he had in his own life. The only thing was that the other was a dream, and that was a very definite and indisputable thing. So finally, he began to arrange the dreams sequentially, with time-stamps. Eventually they made up the story which you shall see, in its proper places, throughout this story.

July 13
Summre Citie, Euraniah

Gabe woke up — not on his own twin bed with the blue sheets. He was on a King-sized bed with red sheets and a blue-violet dust cover. The walls were stone grey with rich tapestries of blue and gold. Aboe him on the wall was an ornate sign with the written word:


At the far end of the room was a door that opened to the side. Gabe thought it must be a hallway, and arose to look around.

It wasn’t a hallway, it was another room. It was complete with two closets, a chandelier, a six-place dining table and a desk. Two doors led out from here, one was on the opposite end, and one was on his right. A guard stood beside this. He was wearing an outfit that reminded Gabe of those he had seen in Egyptian-themed movies like Ten Commandments.

Gabe walked toward the door, and the guard immediately opened it for him.

“Thank you.” Gabe briefly looked at the man.

“Of course”

This door offered more surprises. To Gabe’s left was a door, opened, which led to a hallway. Gabe decided that the door across from his bedchamber must open here too. But there were three desks in this room, all of which had nameplates on them. Before Gabe could read them, one of the guards, dressed similarly to the doorkeeper, stood.

A Map of Euraniah
A Map of Euraniah
(Click Here for interactive version)

“Good Morning sir!”

Both of the other guards stood to attention.

“Good morning. Do you mind telling me what’s going on?”

“No problem sir. Amconasia is holding their position — if you would step this way sir,” — The man walked over to a map of Euraniah which was actually a large, touch-screen table.

“They are holding their position just south of Xuyy Pyn Chasm, the rightful border of Euraniah. After we rebuild the Bridge of Tiers, they will probably storm into Euraniah.”

As he spoke, the man pressed buttons which illuminated the positions of the enemy in relation to Euranian lines. Gabe was beginning to suspect what may be occuring, so he took a chance.

“Why not move these troops over here, and those ones back here, so that if they advance, we will surround them — so.”

“Good idea! Kentre!”

“Yes Colonel Hanuk?”

“I need a telegram sent to the Department of the Armed Forces, Shantytown, Euraniah.” Colonel Hanuk went over to the man

“Ready Sir”

Official Order from the King and Royal Colonel of the Armed Forces,of the Districte of Euraniah: to the Commander of the Stingray Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Nigyn Yoyyo: >>> Move the Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies four minutes west of Line 11, and pull Delta and Foxtrot X1 miles north. >Signed: Ronv Quxykjrym, Lionheart Castle.

“Got It?”

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