Patriot — Free America

Patriot — Free America : 4:04 AM
Patriot — Free America : 4:04 AM

Being Patriotic: Helping Restore Freedom, One Step At A Time

Couv’s Corner Patriot is a branch of Couv’s Corner specifically dedicated to helping save America from those who wish to destryo our liberty, starting locally and progressively growing by word-of-mouth throughout the nation. Please feel free to get involved and help save your Country and your freedom.

The Patriot’s Pledge:

Before God Almighty, and my fellow Americans:

  • I am a citizen of the United States of America, and as such, I am a Patriot.
  • I am proud of my country’s heritage, and have every interest in its wellfare.
  • I will seek, first and foremost, the advice of God Almighty regarding my every intention on this nation’s behalf.
  • I will defend the rights given by God to the People of this nation,and I will seek to uphold the Constitution which protects them.
  • I will boldly stand for my own freedoms, and will not hesitate to defend the freedoms of others.
  • I will not allow the enemies of Liberty to oppress me, but will uphold my freedom in the face of all opposition.
  • I will not allow the reputation of a person to hinder my discernment between Freedom’s enemies and its allies.
  • To this end, before God Almighty, and those I love, I pledge to always exhibit the character of Patriotism in my every waking moment.
  • May God so use me to this end, and grant me the wisdom and the patience to never stray from His will.


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Patriot by Couv’s Corner is partnering with TN Neighbours for Liberty to reinstate your freedoms in full. See what you can do to help below!

Be a Prayer Warrior

No sign-up needed! Just spend 10-20 minutes in prayer each day, or as you feel led. Remember: God gave us our freedoms, so we must go with Him to regain them.

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  • East Ridge Auto Alignment
    • Mechanic Positions
    • Small Business – Local Owner On Site
    • Competitive Pay
    • Overtime Prospect – Saturday Morning Hours